jarin for kuromi

The challenge of this poster was to represent my research interests, including a signature of my name in some form. This poster meshes visual languages of surveillance and the obscured darkness of cartoon narratives.

References included heads-up displays, drone scopes, tactical diagrams and thermal mapping.

These elements were juxtaposed with Sanrio characters focusing on the relationship between a character named My Melody and her nemesis Kuromi.

The text was chose from a web fandom that highlights the story of their dynamic and history from Kuromi’s point of view in a way that portrays the sweet and wholesome character of My Melody as the true villain.

“Kuromi swears to get revenge on My Melody by teaming up with Keiichi Hiiragi, a professional young violin player, and collecting 100 black notes to summon the dark power.“

©Jarin Moriguchi 2023