poems from aspen

These pages attempt to give form to moments of conflict represented in the audio documentation of the International Design Conference in Aspen in 1970. I transcribed audio recordings of the event from the Special Collections Archive at the Richard J. Daley Library at the University of Illinois Chicago and the audio of a film of the conference by Eli Noyes and Claudia Weill (Cyclops Films, Inc.).

This documentation gives the transcriptions visual form by reproducing a curated selection of excerpts that best represent the drama of the event, with a focus on unscripted moments in the program.

Snippets of speech are reproduced in a poetic format by intuitively breaking lines of text. These recollected transcripts dictate the reader’s perception of the content by emphasizing the often absurd and outlandish nature of what was said.

The typeface is a reproduction of a font used on Corona Data Systems’ Cordata Portable in the early 1980s. All illustrations were made by keyboard input using the glyphs included in each font. This alludes to how the hippie movement, the members of which were central to the conflict that took place in Aspen, morphed into Silicon Valley during this era, when

“computers got common enough for funky hands to lay hold of them and to do tricks for funky heads ... beginning efforts to domesticate computers. Good intro to life with dumb-fuck genius machines.”1

1 Stewart Brand, ed., The Last Whole Earth Catalog (Menlo Park: Portola Institute, 1971): 321–322.

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