spikey twisty

Spikey Twisty is an experimental, process-based font designed in collaboration with Raeann Van Zee. Jarin and Raeann developed an appreciation for each other’s design sensibilities during their time together in graduate school. Their outputs seem to exist in contrast, pushing each other to think and produce differently.

In this collaborative project, they created a display font representing their mutual respect for weirdness by combining elegance and chaos. They each designed a selection of glyphs without seeing each other’s progress, only aware of the design prompt they gave themselves. This experimental process emphasized a need for trust in the prompt they had developed together and a particular faith in what they both had envisioned.

The result is a dynamic display font that edges on illegibility. When typing, varying compositions are produced by pairing glyphs, giving even the most mundane text a sense of sensibility and disruption.

©Jarin Moriguchi 2023